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Lifelong learning has become part's of everyone career plans. Online learning has been expand slowly into everyone's life as it helps people to enrich themselves and remain competitive in today's job market without giving up their current job.

Effective Learning

Online learning allows student to study at their peak energy and learn at the most comfortable learning environment as students can plan their study time by themselves and the course materials are easily accessible at the end of their fingertips.

Expert Syllabus

Our courses syllabus' are drafted by well-known professors and experts from various industry worldwide. Provide students an opportunity to learn professional syllabus which are normally by far out of reach.

About us

Knewton Academy is a company which operate online education platform to students in Asia Region. We operate online education platform that enable students to take various interactive lessons where the syllabus are drafted by experienced professor. Our main objective is to provide high quality and professional online education courses for children, parents and working adult who like learning.

We emphasize and promote self-learning as we believe that self-learning allows students to focus on actual learning as opposed to being evaluated or accessed on the learning. Besides, self-learning takes the leading role and he/she has to become an independent learner. They forced to develop or to cultivate not only their self-discipline but their time - management skills as well.

Self-learning will eventually promote development of self-confidence, initiative and life satisfaction.

Well goes an English proverb, "Live and learn", it appropriately reflects our attitude through learning when providing services for our students.

Our Vision

To be the one of the most recognized online education service in the world in terms of public acknowledgement, reputation and confidence. Public will recognize who we are and will enjoy high quality products we distribute with satisfaction.

Our Mission

Become a world class education service provider by delivering high quality product to our customer.

Course Categories

We provide a series of online courses which range from English course, motivation course, cooking course, language course, etc. Basically, our e-learning portal can be classified into 3 categories

How it works

By subscribing to our membership, each student will get the following

Offline Content

A thumbdrive with an interactive application

Online Access

An access code to various courses updated on our online learning portal

Chairman's Corner

Featuring the latest articles from our chairman

Remembering Gratitude

December 2018

Gratitude…it is a simple wold, which simply means being thankful. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of life have sometimes caused people to forget what it means to be grateful.

Cooking My Stress Away

December 2018

For many people, cooking is a duty, a past time, even a hobby but for me…cooking is therapy.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - Mantra Not Just for Waste Management But People Management

November 2018

When the world went into a recession in 2008/2009, a lot of things went into disarray.

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