English Learning Centre

In this section, you have to make use of the online portal together with the thumb drive received.
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Let's Talk

This application allows students to improve their pronunciation. Users get to listen to the correct pronunciation until they get it right as it is able to assess the user’s pronunciation in practices.

Write and Learn (App Only)

This application equipped with spell checker, grammar checker, grammar explanation which can check the spelling of each English word, detect any grammatical errors, and briefly explain the error through the means of pop-ups.

Grammar Guide

Grammar Guide consists of advanced tutorial to enhance your understanding of English topics. This section provides guidance on the uses of specific grammar items where each topic is specifically designed to easily cater for users’ language needs.

Grammar Glossary

This section consists of A-Z grammatical terms and definitions. Our extensive glossary will help the users to have better understanding of English grammatical terms and words.

Parts of Speech (App Only)

In this section, students could identify different parts of speech provided and also other forms of the words that user are interested to know.

Vocab Plus

This section provides the user with idioms, synonym, antonym, phrasal verbs and collocation.